I am using Visual FoxPro 9.0. i am having a problem, i would like to use autocomplete in some texboxes in my program. i have been searching and i have found that it doesnt work with cursors but with tables, but i dont have any tables because im using SQL servr 2008 and i execute sql queries using SQLEXE and placing the results in a cursor.

So i would like to know if any of yo have found any way to do this.

thisform.emp_cnombre.AutoComplete = 1
thisform.emp_cnombre.AutoCompSource =sgviemp

where sgviemp is a cursor result of a query


  • AutoCompSource doesn't expect the name of a table or cursor. It's an identifier you give to a set of fields to say that they all share the same set of autocomplete data. Read the help for that property. – Tamar E. Granor Jun 11 '14 at 19:17
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After looking VFP Help, I see many things to take over:

First of all, to use a cursor as a table - cursor is the result of sqlexec() or select... into cursor - you can use the function dbf():

sqlexec(gnCones,"select * from table","cr_sql_res")


And as you can see in the previous example, I think you left the AutoCompSource property, although I have not ever used, because, I think that what you are trying to do, is what a comboBox does

Here are some VFP Screenshot help:

enter image description here

enter image description here

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