I recently asked this question about why my google spreadsheet data wasnt being called, even though the example one worked

Using Google Spreadsheet as JSON file using tabletop to datatables returns error

I tried a completely different library as I thought it was a problem with tabletop.js... I tried this example using Miso dataset...


I got the example working perfectly but as soon as I switch in my spreadsheet key it stops working! What is wrong with my spreadsheet? It is public and published, I can't understand it

Anyone had any success with calling a google spreadsheet recently?

Here is the damned spreadsheet.. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15d4wQR69upqZbnZyArSsxKXpT8R9w8_9dmrabzugAks/edit#gid=0

All ideas appreciated, thanks


It likely has to do with the "new google spreadsheets". Note the different URL structure in the original and new sheet.

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