I have a repo B which "branched" from another some time ago. However, I still need to apply some commits from its "father" repo A from time to time. So, in repo B I did:

git remote add repoA git@someurl.git
git fetch repoA

Now, in repo B I can, for example, cherry pick some of the things that keep on happening on repo A...

However, when I do git push --tags he tries to push to repo B all of its tags plus the tags from repo A.

  1. What is the correct process to push only the tags belonging to repo B to origin?
  2. In general, am I working correctly with Git for this particular case, when I still to need merge some things from a "long gone" father into some repo? Am I risking to push "garbage" into the repo B

You can try (git 1.8.3+, May 2013):

git push --follow-tags

That should push only the commits and tags from your current branch in one command (if your push policy is set to simple)


Regarding question 2, my opinion is that it is more intuitive and straight forward to keep the legacy code on a branch. Generally speaking, different systems are kept in different repos and an old release track that is only maintained to a certain extent is kept on a branch in the one repo containing your system. But again, that is my opinion and not a fact :)

  • I agree with what you said. However, in this case, it's not quite legacy code, but something that has a common code base but which development follows its own path, and from which I can make no assumptions... so, in fact, the first repo continues to be developed and I just want to be able to "cherry pick" some specific changes, from time to time... – thyandrecardoso Jun 12 '14 at 10:36
  • fair enough :-) – Martin G Jun 12 '14 at 11:26

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