I'm creating a function to handle the titles of the pages, posts, home page etc.. however I have run into a problem.

Here is the code in the Functions.php :

function theTitle() {

   $siteName = bloginfo('name');
   $sitePage = get_the_title();

   if (is_home()) {
        echo $siteName;
   if (is_page()) {
        echo "(". $sitePage . ") » " . $siteName;

When you are on the homepage, the title is:

<title>This is the title specified in settings</title>

However, when you go to an individual page the title is:

<title>This is the title specified in settings(About Us) &raquo; </title>

As you can see, it is outputting the $siteName first, instead of adding it to the end. Has anyone come across this before? Do you know why?


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bloginfo() echoes the return value of get_bloginfo(), so use get_bloginfo().


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