Apache Spark has 3 blocks of memory:

  • Cache - this is where RDDs are put when you call cache or persist
  • Shuffle. This is the block of memory used for shuffle operations (grouping, repartitioning, and reduceByKey.
  • Heap. This is where normal JVM objects are kept.

Now I would like to monitor the amount of memory in use as a % of each block by a job so I can know what I should be tuning these numbers to so that Cache and Shuffle do not spill to disk and so that Heap doesn't OOM. E.g. every few seconds I get an update like:

Cache: 40% use (40/100 GB)
Shuffle: 90% use (45/50 GB)
Heap: 10% use (1/10 GB)

I am aware I can experiment to find the sweet spots using other techniques, but I'm finding this very laboured and to just be able to monitor the usage would make writing and tuning Spark jobs much much easier.

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    Well, there is SparkContext.getExecutorMemoryStatus and SparkContext.getExecutorStorageStatus. Calling them periodically would get you some of the way there... Commented Jun 12, 2014 at 17:24
  • Thanks @DanielDarabos I'll try that, quick read of the code and looks like it will do what I want for monitoring for Cache. I'm going to dig deeper into those methods and I may be able to work out the others. I'd be grateful if your aware/can figure out a way to monitor Shuffle & Heap. Thanks again!
    – samthebest
    Commented Jun 12, 2014 at 17:39


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