I got errors either Invalid Input: INVALID_OU_ID or Invalid Input problem at line query: "orgUnitPath='OU NAME WITH SINGLE QUOTE'" i tried "orgUnitPath='/Bill\'s OU'" and "orgUnitPath='/Bill\\'s OU'" without luck

function LastLoginReport() {
  var pageToken, page;

  do {
    page = AdminDirectory.Users.list({
      domain: my.domain,
      query: "orgUnitPath='/Bill\'s OU'",
      pageToken: pageToken
    var users = page.users;
    pageToken = page.nextPageToken;
  } while (pageToken);

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You can use a single backslash to escape the single quote.

This is from the official documentation documentation:

Surround with single quotes ' if the query contains whitespace. Escape single quotes in queries with \', for example 'Valentine\'s Day'.

so therefore, the line you're looking to use is:

query: 'orgUnitPath=/Bill\'s OU'

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