I have a sortable element whose children are also sortable.

Here's a JSFiddle demonstrating what I've got so far.

In the fiddle or image below, the blue area is #container, white boxes are .child and group of such boxes marked with a black border is .parent.

#container and .parent are sortables.


If an item is dragged and dropped from one .parent to another .parent, I'm simply appending the item (jQuery ui does this automatically). If an item (.child) is dropped into #container I'm wrapping it in a .parent div to mark it as a new parent.

Now, select prod3 by clicking it, drag it to the left of prod5 till placeholder appears to the left of prod5. drag prod3 down as much as possible while still having the placeholder to the left of prod5, then drop it.

If jQuery UI detects it as a drop inside the .parent of prod5, the expected result should look like the following:

expected scenario 1

If it is detected as a drop in #container the expected result should be as follows:

expected scenario 2

Now what's happening (evident from logs in console): a receive event is triggered on #container , even though placeholder was inside .parent. I can live with that - but the problem is, even though the receive event was fired on #container, the dragged item prod3 is appended to .parent and no receive event was triggered on .parent!

So due to this strange behavior, since the receive event is triggered on #container, the item is wrapped in a .parent div, but it's then appended to the .parent which contained prod5. Hence I get a .parent div inside a .parent div as shown in picture below, which should not happen.


Does any one have any idea why this is happening? Or can someone suggest a better way for doing this (sortable items inside a sortable container)?

Side note: this is a corner case and you might have to try it few times to reproduce this scenario.

Update: According to this smaller demo, this seems to be a bug with jquery ui, which i reported here. A temporary workaround is to manually handle the situation inside #container's receive event as in this answer. any better solutions are welcome...

  • btw, you had spelling mistake in tolerance, which I think automatically sets the tolerance to intersect instead of pointer which you used. – K K Jun 17 '14 at 17:01

Solution is very easy

You need to add this condition:

if (!ui.item.parent().hasClass('parent')){

I found that additional .parent div appearing only when items parent has class .parent .ui-sortable and if it have class just .ui-sortable it fully works. So simply add this condition and all works fine.


  • You're handling the drop in #containers receive event... still the #containers receive is firing while something is dropped in .parent… the fiddle is just a baby sample… ideally this should not happen in the real application… But thanks for the time i might have to do workarounds and handle everything myself as a last resort if this behavior can't be fixed... – T J Jun 16 '14 at 14:00
  • btw for checking whether an element have/don't have a particular class we should use has class() otherwise if we add one more class attr('class') won't work.. hence updating the ans... – T J Jun 17 '14 at 5:48

Okay, so it seems the .parent thinks the .child is still inside when it isn't. A test with bigger borders shows that when the pointer is outside the margin, below the .parent, the expected behaviour is that the parent should collapse and the #container should accept the .child. This only happens if you drag it down after half width of the .child, and this completely disappears if you drag it left onto the previous .child and go back to the normal position.

This is why the #container receives the drop event -- it's happening in the container!

In my version of your JSFiddle, one can reproduce the bug by moving a .child onto another .child and then downwards, until below the black margin. Notice that the parent (The black box) doesn't shrink even though it the child is outside.

This behaviour is partially fixed with higher versions of JQuery UI.

With JQuery 2.0.2 and JQuery UI 1.10.3, it's completely fixed. It's very likely that this is a bug.

  • " it's happening in the container!" - did you inspect the DOM..? the item being appended to .parent hence it's not happening in #container. And it's not fixed in newer versions of jquery, (it's just harder to reproduce in v1.10.3 since we're unable to drag much to bottom...) yes, this is possibly a bug which is reported here and is open... – T J Jun 17 '14 at 16:43
  • At first I thought I was talking about a different( yet causal) issue: that of the .parent not shrinking and the placeholder remaining visible when the .child was outside the parent (depending upon tolerance of course). After more testing, this is the issue, yet I wasn't able to reproduce it on JQ 2.0.2 and JQUI 1.10.3. I did however reproduce it with JQ 1.x. Am I wrong here? Is the container receiving the event when the pointer(half-height in the new JSFiddle) is inside the parent? Humour me and test it out... – snugghash Jun 18 '14 at 10:14
  • in 1.10.3 it's hard to reproduce but still occurs rarely. it's already tested even with 1.11 and query-ui team has marked it as an open bug, which i mentioned in my previous comment. – T J Jun 18 '14 at 10:22

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