I am having an issue with Tax rates for different countries.

I need 3 types tax rates for different countries

Ireland & Europe 23% UK 20% Outside Europe 0%

For testing i have set up a Tax Rate (Manage Tax Rates & Zones) for the UK with a 20% rate. The Irish rate of 23% had previously been used for the past 2 years for all sales.

UK Tax Rate Setup

Tax Identifier - UK

Country - UK

State - *

Zip/Post Code - *

Rate Percent - 20.0000

Tax Titles - UK VAT

I have also gone to tax in the config section and set the tax to be calculated on shipping address.

Shipping -> Configuration -> Tax -> Tax Calculation based on -> Shipping Address

When i go to my site at FunkyChristmasJumpers.com and go to the checkout, its default country is Ireland and Tax is at 23%, i then change country in the address to the UK and onestepcheckout refreshes with no tax included? [pictures below]

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Fabio


  1. We have 3 stores set up

    • Ireland, Europe - www.funkychristmasjumpers.com
    • UK - www.funkychristmasjumpers.co.uk
    • Worldwide - www.funkychristmassweaters.com

    • I just want this working on the Irish store and i feel it will automatically fall in place for the other stores.

  2. We run magento 1.7 but magento 1.9 has a setting called Cross-Border Price consistency which help keep the gross price consistent through all stores. I do not want to upgrade so i think an option for us is this Gross price extension

  3. Shipping prices are different for UK and Ireland on the Irish site

  4. We run magneto ce 1.7

Irish Order UK Order


If your tax calculation is based on the shipping address, you need to setup your VAT rate of 23% for every country in the EU and then use these VAT rates in your tax rule.

If Magento can not find a tax rate for the shipping country, then no VAT will be applied.

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