I think, I want to use URIBuilder here but not entirely sure...

I have the following code:

String serverURL = getServerURL(); // ex: "http://somesrv.example.com"
String appURL = getAppURL(); // ex: "http://myapp.example.com"

I now need to add the two together, so that it produces the following:


But I don't just want to use string bashing (def url = serverURL + "/fizz?widget=" + appURL). Plus I'd like URL encoding, etc. Again, I think URLBuilder is the way to go here, but not sure.

I've seen an example uses JAX-RS' UriBuilder:

String url = UriBuilder.fromUri(serverURL).path("fizz").queryParam("widget", appURL).build();

Now I just need to figure out how to do this in Groovy?

  • Why not just do it the same way as in Java then? Just remove semicolon at the end of the line ;) – topr Jun 13 '14 at 15:44

URIBuilder is the way to go.

def serverURL = "http://somesrv.example.com"
def appURL = "http://myapp.example.com"

def concat = new URIBuilder(serverURL)
concat.addQueryParam("widget", appURL)

println concat



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