I know Matlab has a function called cylinder to create the points for a cylinder when number of points along the circumference, and the radius length. What if I don't want a unit cylinder, and also don't want it to center at the default axis (for example along z-axis)? What would be the easiest approach to create such a cylinder? Thanks in advance.


The previous answer is fine, but you can get matlab to do more of the work for you (because the results of cylinder separate x,y,z components you need to work a little to do the matrix multiplication for the rotation). To have the center of base of the cylinder at [x0 y0 z0], scaled by [xf yf xf] (use xf=yf unless you want an elliptic cylinder), use:

[x y z] = cylinder;

If you also want to rotate it so it isn't aligned along the z-axis, use rotate. For example, to rotate about the x-axis by 90 degrees, so it's aligned along the y-axis, use:

rotate(h,[1 0 0],90)
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Multiply the points by your favourite combination of a scaling matrix, a translation matrix, and a rotation matrix.

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  • Thanks. That's actually what I somewhat did, although could be done more elegantly using the matrices as mentioned. – stanigator Mar 11 '10 at 0:22

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