I have a page with a "Print" link that takes the user to a printer-friendly page. The client wants a print dialog box to appear automatically when the user arrives at the print-friendly page. How can I do this with javascript?


unless you mean a custom looking popup.

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    A bit old, but I like to add ... window.print();setTimeout("window.close()", 100); . This waits enough time for the rest of the page to load, but then hangs until the print button on the print dialogue is pressed, or cancelled, and then neatly shuts the tab down again. – Stephen Oct 13 '16 at 12:03

You could do

<body onload="window.print()">
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I like this, so that you can add whatever fields you want and print it that way.

function printPage() {
    var w = window.open();

    var headers =  $("#headers").html();
    var field= $("#field1").html();
    var field2= $("#field2").html();

    var html = "<!DOCTYPE HTML>";
    html += '<html lang="en-us">';
    html += '<head><style></style></head>';
    html += "<body>";

    //check to see if they are null so "undefined" doesnt print on the page. <br>s optional, just to give space
    if(headers != null) html += headers + "<br/><br/>";
    if(field != null) html += field + "<br/><br/>";
    if(field2 != null) html += field2 + "<br/><br/>";

    html += "</body>";
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    This worked like a charm for me. Needed to allow popups in browser. I'm not sure the "close" ever gets executed, since the tab never goes away. – rich Jul 15 '14 at 16:40

I do this to make sure they remember to print landscape, which is necessary for a lot of pages on a lot of printers.

<a href="javascript:alert('Please be sure to set your printer to Landscape.');window.print();">Print Me...</a>


<body onload="alert('Please be sure to set your printer to Landscape.');window.print();">
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If you just have a link without a click event handler:

<a href="javascript:window.print();">Print Page</a>
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You can tie it to button or on load of the page.

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I know the answer has already been provided. But I just wanted to elaborate with regards to doing this in a Blazor app (razor)...

You will need to inject IJSRuntime, in order to perform JSInterop (running javascript functions from C#)


@inject IJSRuntime JSRuntime

Once you have that injected, create a button with a click event that calls a C# method:

<MatFAB Icon="@MatIconNames.Print" OnClick="@(async () => await print())"></MatFAB>

(or something more simple if you don't use MatBlazor)

<button @onclick="@(async () => await print())">PRINT</button>

For the C# method:

public async Task print()
    await JSRuntime.InvokeVoidAsync("printDocument");

NOW IN YOUR index.html:

    function printDocument() {

Something to note, the reason the onclick events are asynchronous is because IJSRuntime awaits it's calls such as InvokeVoidAsync

PS: If you wanted to message box in asp net core for instance:

await JSRuntime.InvokeAsync<string>("alert", "Hello user, this is the message box");

To have a confirm message box:

bool question = await JSRuntime.InvokeAsync<bool>("confirm", "Are you sure you want to do this?");
    if(question == true)
        //user clicked yes
        //user clicked no

Hope this helps :)

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if problem:


altenative using:




        var body = $('body').html();
        var ticket_area = '<aside class="widget tickets">' + $('.widget.tickets').html() + '</aside>';

        var print_html = '<html lang="tr">' + $('html').html() + '<scr'+'ipt>print()</scr'+'ipt>' + '</html>'; 

        var mywindow = window.open('', 'my div', 'height=600,width=800');
        mywindow.document.close(); // necessary for IE >= 10'</html>'
        mywindow.focus(); // necessary for IE >= 10

        return true;
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    why are you concatenating this together anyway? '<scr'+'ipt>print()</scr'+'ipt>' – CRice Nov 2 '18 at 4:43

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