I have setup Flask restful like this:

api = Api(app, decorators=[csrf_protect.exempt])

I would like to redirect internally to the endpoint api.ftrecord.

But the moment I try to do this:

base_url = flask.url_for('api.ftrecord')

I get an exception.

  File "/Users/hooman/workspace/F11A/src/lib/werkzeug/routing.py", line 1620, in build
    raise BuildError(endpoint, values, method)
BuildError: ('api.ftrecord', {}, None)

What am I missing please?

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You'll need to specify a value for the ios_sync_timestamp part of your URL:

flask.url_for('api.ftrecord', ios_sync_timestamp='some value')

or you could use Api.url_for(), which takes a resource:

api.url_for(FTRecordsAPI, ios_sync_timestamp='some value')
  • Thanks, this sounds promising. I should have mentioned I am trying to achieve this from the unit test perspective. self.client = application.app.test_client(). I get the error RuntimeError: Attempted to generate a URL without the application context being pushed. This has to be executed when application context is available.
    – Houman
    Jun 15, 2014 at 11:11
  • 1
    See flask.pocoo.org/docs/testing; for any test you'll need to create a context.
    – Martijn Pieters
    Jun 15, 2014 at 11:37

I had this problem today. Here's the pull request that added the functionality (11 months ago):


You can see his example usage there.

In my resources file, I do not have access to the app context. So I had to do this:

from flask.ext import restful
from flask import current_app

api = restful.Api
print api.url_for(api(current_app), UserResource, user_id=user.id, _external=True)

Hope that helps.

api = Api(app, decorators=[csrf_protect.exempt])
with app.test_request_context():
    base_url = flask.url_for('api.ftrecord')

I met the same error. By using 'with app.test_request_context():', it works.

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