So, I'm just getting started with angularjs and I'm already confused. I want to change the colour of a list element that corresponds to a hex code colour that is in an array. I've tried some stuff but I just can't get it.

Here's my code so far:

<div id="mainContentWrap" ng-app="newApp">
 <div id="personContainer" ng-controller="personController">
<ul id="personList">
    <li class="bigBox no_s" ng-style="personColour"  ng-repeat="i in persons" ng-hover="changeColor()">< href="#/{{i.person_id}}">{{i.person_name}}</a></li>


var app=angular.module('newApp',[]);
        $scope.personColour=$scope.persons.color// not sure what to do here???

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There is no ng-hover directive. You'll want to use ng-mouseenter and ng-mouseleave.

Also, keep in mind that the syntax for ng-style is an object corresponding the CSS key-value pairs.

<li ng-repeat="i in persons" ng-style="personColour" ng-mouseenter="changeColor(i)"></li>

$scope.changeColor = function(person) {
    $scope.personColour = {color: '#'+person.colour};

If you'd like for the color to change back to what it was before you hovered, you can create two functions, or pass a parameter to $scope.changeColour:

<li ng-repeat="i in persons" ng-style="personColour" ng-mouseenter="changeColor(i,true)" ng-mouseleave="changeColor(i,false)"></li>

$scope.changeColor = function(person, bool) {
    if(bool === true) {
        $scope.personColour = {color: '#'+person.colour};
    } else if (bool === false) {
        $scope.personColour = {color: 'white'}; //or, whatever the original color is

To take it a step further

You could create a directive for each person.

<person ng-repeat="i in persons"></person>

// your module, then...
.directive('person', [function() {
    return {
        restrict: 'E',
        replace: true,
        template: '<li class="bigBox no_s"><a href="#/{{i.person_id}}">{{i.person_name}}</a></li>',
        link: function(scope, elm, attrs) {
                .on('mouseenter',function() {
                .on('mouseleave',function() {

If you want to hack stay in the view:

<div ng-repeat="n in [1, 2, 3]" ng-style="{ 'background': (isHover ? '#ccc' : 'transparent') }" ng-mouseenter="isHover = true;" ng-mouseleave="isHover = false;">
 <span>{{ n }}</span>

in the code bellow i add easy code to understand how to active style with condition. I hope that help you

<li ng-style="( (isOver == 'true') && (linkToActive == 'm1')  ) ? { 'background-color': '#00bdcb' } : {'background-color': '#ededed'}"
ng-mouseenter="vm.changeColorMenu('m1','true')" ng-mouseleave="vm.changeColorMenu('m1','false')">

<li ng-style="( (isOver == 'true') && (linkToActive == 'm2')  ) ? { 'background-color': '#00bdcb' } : {'background-color': '#ededed'}"
ng-mouseenter="vm.changeColorMenu('m2','true')" ng-mouseleave="vm.changeColorMenu('m2','false')">


Javascript Code

function changeColorMenu(indexMenu,bool)
        $scope.isOver = bool;
        $scope.linkToActive = indexMenu;

If you check an example here you will see that ng-style directive waits for css style, not just value, so in your case it'll be:


and in html it'll be:

<li class="bigBox no_s" ng-style="i.colourStyle"  ng-repeat="i in persons" ng-hover="changeColor()">< href="#/{{i.person_id}}">{{i.person_name}}</a></li>


And You also need to set colour value to full hex for example: '#cc0000'.

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In Angular, there is not ng-hover directive, so you should use ng-mouseenter & ng-mouseleave to simulate it.

<ul id="personList">
    <li class="bigBox no_s" ng-style="personColour" 
        ng-repeat="i in persons" ng-mouseenter="changeColor($index)" 
            <a href="#/{{i.person_id}}">{{i.person_name}}</a>

And you should use $index to get your element in persons Array

$scope.changeColor = function() {
    $scope.personColour = { 'color': '#' + $scope.persons[$index].color };
                           // or 'background-color' whatever you what

$scope.recoverColor = function() {
    $scope.personColour = {};

See Plunker Demo Here

Use ng-style to conditionally apply CSS styles - I've chosen to name this style 'personStyle'. Next, bind the ng-mouseover event to set the personStyle background-color to the person's colour attribute. Finally, bind the ng-mouseleave event to reset the personStyle when the mouse leaves the element. The changeColor() function is not needed for this solution to work.

<div id="personContainer" ng-controller="personController">
  <ul id="personList"> 
    <li class="bigBox no_s" ng-repeat="i in persons" ng-style="personStyle">
      <a href="#/{{i.person_id}}" ng-mouseleave="personStyle={}" 
             ng-mouseover="personStyle={ 'background-color':'#' + i.colour}">

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