I am trying to create an indexed view in SQL Server 2012 on a query that has 10 joins (inner and left), which is accessed a lot.

However, when attempting to create the view, I get an error:

Cannot schema bind view 'vw_transaction' because name 'entity_event' is invalid for schema binding.

I am (attempting to) create the view using:

    Select ee.id as entity_event_id,

Is there a reason for this error? It looks like it's a reserved word, as the error mentions a 'name', as opposed to a column. Entity_event is the name of my main table.


I fixed the issue by adding the schema name in front of all table references:

select [..] from schema_name.table_name
  • Yes, it worked. But, woundering about this unique behaviour. In that case even select statement with only table name should not work. – suhas0sn07 Mar 21 at 4:40

If your shop is like mine and each database consists only of tables with the default schema, just add


in front of each table name.


Though the Question is very old but today I too faced the same issue.

My isssue got resolved by just removing the Database name fixes the issue.

select [..] from [Database].schema_name.table_name //giving error

select [..] from schema_name.table_name //removing Database fixed the error.

Hope this help for someone.

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