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i've been searching a while now but i haven't found a solution for my Problem. I've got a class that stacks methods on a list and then calls them one by one. Everything works fine with return values, Parameters or methods without Parameters. But if a method has a optional Parameter it doesn't work.

This is just a simple testing method:

static void TestMe(Int32 _wait = 5000)
    //Pretend to do stuff...

I add the method to my stack with:

static StackHandler __handler = new StackHandler();

__handler.AddMethod(new Action<Int32>(TestMe));

The AddMethod method creates a new ListItem and adds it into an internal list to Keep track of all stacked methods. Then the handler wants to call the method with:

private object invokeMethod(Delegate _method, params object[] _args)
    return _method.DynamicInvoke(_args);

I get a System.Reflection.TargetParameterCountException in the invokeMethod method. I've also tried to call it without the args Parameter, same result. If i add the method TestMe like this:

__handler.AddMethodAsync(new Action<Int32>(Method), 6000);

It just runs fine.

How can i get this to work with optional Parameters?

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Optional parameters are handled by the compiler, not the runtime. You cannot make this work. Only way to get ahead is to make a list of Action (non generic) and pass lambdas that provide the argument(s). – Hans Passant Jun 15 '14 at 14:14
Too bad to hear this, but thanks for your anwser. But again i've learnt somthing :) – JoeJoe87577 Jun 15 '14 at 14:18

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