My plan is to write a few news articles each day to display on my website. Each news article will contain a certain amount of pictures. There can be up to 50 images in an article.

At this moment my images get stored like this:



I'd like to know how I can store these images into my database. I already read a lot about this subject and heard that storing the folder path into the database is better than the images itself.

But how should I do this? The maximum amount of pictures per article is 50, so do I really have to create 50 columns (one for each possible image) or is there another way to do is?

  • just reconsider the table schema. If could be id | article_id | img_url – Royal Bg Jun 15 '14 at 18:39
  • Read up on database normalisation. It should help you out with what you want to achieve. Have a table for the article and another table for the image paths. – Drumbeg Jun 15 '14 at 18:51

@Luca Prodan Flow this Link. .Net core Add folder in static folder (www) and save image file and store the: "PathWithFolderName + "/ImageName.png" in database.

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