I've downloaded apache-tomcat-8.0.8 archive, then I've unzipped it and tried to add it in Preferences -> Server -> Runtime Environments by clicking Search and selecting path to the uzipped archive. What I'm getting is Server Error

No new server runtime environments were found.

Any ideas why it might be happening? I have no Apache Tomcat options in New Server Runtime Environment window, which I get by clicking Add in the previous one. There are such options in every tutorial I read.


I think there currently is no adapter for Tomcat 8 in Eclipse.


Don't use the search button. Click add and choose an adapter first. Open Apache and choose Tomcat 7. Click next and point the installation directory at your Tomcat folder.

  • How about Tomcat 7? I've tried that also, with the same result. – zenn1337 Jun 16 '14 at 11:42

It seem that you have Eclipse without Java EE components.

so you see something like

enter image description here

instead of

enter image description here

Check Apache Tomcat Not Showing in Eclipse Server Runtime Environments (need to install JST Server Adapters )

Once you have plugins installed follow dialog flow e.g. like


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