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Does anybody know how to configure jstl in websphere. i know that we have use taglib directive in web.xml . where do i find web.xml in websphere 5.1.2 and how to add the configuration.

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You don't need to modify web.xml at all. Some poor online tutorials indeed suggests that, but you must never take everything at the interwebs for serious. Especially not roseindia.net and consorts.

To install JSTL, all you basically need to do are the following two steps:

  1. Download this file, unzip, browse to /lib and put both jstl.jar and standard.jar in the webapp's runtime classpath.

  2. Declare any of the taglibs as per the JSTL documentation in top of JSP file. For example JSTL core:

    <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" %>

That's all. The default webapp's runtime classpath covers under each Webapp/WEB-INF/lib folder. Just drop the JAR's in there.

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