Something I wrote throws a lot of AttributeError exceptions when using time.strptime() inside a thread. This only seems to happen on Windows (not on Linux) but whatever- upon a'Googling, it seems that time.strptime() isn't considered thread-safe.

Is there a better way to create a datetime object from a string? Current code looks like:

val = DateFromTicks(mktime(strptime(val, '%B %d, %Y')))

But, that yields the exceptions as it's run inside a thread.


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According to the bug report, this doesn't happen if you call strptime once before creating your threads. I've done a little testing which seems to confirm this. So just make any call to strptime during initialization as a workaround.


Just another workaround for this bug, you can simply import _strptime manually, along with datetime

import _strptime
from datetime import datetime

# then, in threaded block
datetime.strptime(date, format)

Have you tried manually synchronizing it yourself? Possibly using the synchronization decorator from this recipe.


When I use import datetime the datetime.datetime.strptime() does not throw the exception anymore.


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