My host PC is running windows 8 and I'm accessing internet using the wireless connection (as I work in a room which doesn't have wired connection).

I have a VM machine (created using the free vm ware player with guest operating system: windows 2008 r2) with network adapter setting set to Bridged. I cannot see my wireless router in network connections.

NB: I tried the following so far: 1) I have enabled wireless from the windows services features on my guest PC (VM) 2) Created a Microsoft loop back on host PC 3) Allowed other network users to connect through this computers connection and set the home networking connection to the loop back created in the previous step 4) Changed the VMsetting (Network adapter) to Bridged.


As you said, the vm creates automatically a "bridge".
So if the wifi is active and working in your Win8, the vm will automatically use the wifi connection.
Just notice, inside your vm, the wifi connection is invisible, because masked as a wired one.
The "bridge" created is in fact a masked connection between your wifi and the wired network inside vm.

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