My Java EE project was running normally in NetBeans 8.0 and Glassfish 4.0.

After rebooting my notebook, I started the server, the IDE and then tried to run the project again. I got a "The libs.CopyLibs.classpath property is not set" message and googled to find a solution.

Many answers talk about Tools > Options > Miscellaneous > Ant. But my NetBeans does not have an Ant tab in Miscellaneous, but in Java.

I don't know if there is any difference, I am new on this. Even adding the property "libs.CopyLibs.classpath=/java/ant/extra/org-netbeans-modules-java-j2seproject-copylibstask.jar" on Java > Ant the project don't build. By adding this many other errors appear.


I am not sure if you still need this (I guess you do not), however, if someone is stuck like I once was, the answer to this is simple:

In netbeans 8.0+ (not sure if any lower versions have the same "inconvinient") when you go to

Tools -> Options -> Miscellanous -> Ant

(or at least you try to go there) you just won´t see such tab, instead, go to

Tools -> Options -> Java and you will see the Ant tab.

Nex, this is what you should do:

put the following property and set it with the location of the org-netbeans-modules-java-j2seproject-copylibstask jar.

It is usually located at:

Netbeans Installation Directory\java\ant\extra\org-netbeans-modules-java-j2seproject-copylibstask.jar

Your final property should be:

libs.CopyLibs.classpath=Netbeans Installation Directory\java\ant\extra\org-netbeans-modules-java-j2seproject-copylibstask.jar

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I've got the same issues as yours and I've spent many times for finding a solution and at last, I fixed this issue.

You should fix build.properties in NetBeans or eclipse original folder.

Example: C:/Users/Luiz/Appdata/RomingData/Netbeans/build.properties.

You can see libs.CopyDir in your build.properties and then you must match the j2se library jar file path with libs.CopyDir path

Please check this blog post for further reference.


You may edit Ant url as shown in this image.

Thank you.

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