We use Woocommerce to sell colorboxes. Mostly the variable-product option is chosen.

We added a modal dialog with a color palette, where the customer can chose a color from. This is next to the common dropdown of woocommerce.

Problem is, when I pass the right SlugValue to the dropdown (after it gets chosen from palette) then the value in the dropdown is correct, but the event that need to be fired to publish the price doens't works.

I already tried to fire the onchange event of the dropdown, but nothing happend.

Can anybody tell me, which event needs to be triggered, and how?

aprec any help!

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In case anyone stumbles across this in the future: WooCommerce provides triggers throughout the add-to-cart-variation.js which allows you to hook into change events for the website. You can find all of them available in that file, but one which will likely help most in this case can be used as such

$( ".variations_form" ).on( "woocommerce_variation_select_change", function () {
    // Fires whenever variation selects are changed
} );

$( ".single_variation_wrap" ).on( "show_variation", function ( event, variation ) {
    // Fired when the user selects all the required dropdowns / attributes
    // and a final variation is selected / shown
} );

Where the trigger you want to hook into is the first argument inside .on(). Here's a few below to get you started:

woocommerce_variation_select_change Fires when the select is changed.

show_variation is fired when it finds a variation, and will actually pass you the variation object that is found so you can get direct access to the price without having to filter through the selects manually.

You can sift through and find the rest here.

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    I absolutely cannot get the 2nd event to fire for products with a single variation. The first one runs fine though. – Howdy_McGee Feb 19 '16 at 16:25
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    Hello, sorry to "re-open" this, but I'm having trouble listening to the very first event. Setup: there's a <select> with all the available options inside. Woocommerce's js then goes through the options and removes unavailable options. I need to listen to that event, which occurs on page load. This is because I'm customizing the select with select2.js, therefore I need to instantiate select2 after Woocommerce has eliminated all unavailable <option>s. Any hints? I tried pretty much every event I found in Woocommerce's JS. – koichirose Dec 12 '16 at 16:28
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    I would hook into the wc_variation_form event and try to do your select2 setup there. That should make sure that it's initialized and ready to go. I'm not sure if select2 continues to watch the original select to see if there are modifications made to it or not, so you might need to hook into woocommerce_update_variation_values and fire something that would update those values if they are not automatically. – Logan Dec 13 '16 at 12:11
  • Nice Solution, was not able to find this solution from hours. – Harish Kumar Mar 28 '18 at 12:40
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    Pointing in the right direction, but not a direct solution to the question asked. This code says which events are fired on manual select, but not how to fire them. – Adal May 14 '18 at 18:45

This code performs the exact functionality requested in the initial question:


Change '#WC_variation_drop_down_ID' to the actual ID of the field you changed with jQuery.

Here is a more complete solution that includes setting the field as well as triggering the WooCommerce variation selection (based on array of radio button field classes):

var fields = ['.gchoice_4_11_0', '.gchoice_4_11_1', '.gchoice_4_4_0', '.gchoice_4_4_1'];
for ( var i = fields.length; i--; ) {
    $('#gravity_form_wrapper_ID').on('click', fields[i], function() {
        $('#WC_variation_drop_down_ID').val( $(this).children('input').val() ).trigger('change');

Solution inspired by this post on setting WooCommerce Variation Fields.

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if anyone comes here like me to find the answer, I will provide a clarification in this.

We have a problem implementing the change function because we need to know the price of variation selected but 'woocommerce_variation_select_change' we got the price from previous variation.

So if you want to get the price of variation after change finish, you have to use 'woocommerce_variation_has_changed' jQuery function.


jQuery('#select_attribute_of_variation').on('woocommerce_variation_has_changed', function(){ // do your magic here... })

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