I'm testing router and have two functions, and I need to test if first function was called and second was not. There is method toHaveBeenCalled but there is no method to test if function was not called. How can I test that?

I have code like this:

var args, controller, router;
beforeEach(function() {
    controller = {
        foo: function(name, id) {
            args = [].slice.call(arguments);
        bar: function(name) {
    spyOn(controller, "foo").and.callThrough();
    spyOn(controller, "bar").and.callThrough();
    router = new route();
    router.match('/foo/bar/{{id}}--{{name}}', controller.foo);
    router.match('/foo/baz/{{id}}--{{name}}', controller.bar);
it('foo route shuld be called', function() {
it('bar route shoud not be called', function() {
    // how to test if bar was not called?

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Use the not operator:


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