I am using Sequelize with Node + MySQL.

I have a model structure similar to this:

// models:
var Group, Issue, Invite;

// many Issues per Group

// Groups can invite other Groups to work on their Issues
Issue.hasMany(Invite, {foreignKey: groupId});
Invite.belongsTo(Issue, {foreignKey: groupId});
Group.hasMany(Invite, {foreignKey: inviteeId});
Invite.belongsTo(Group, {foreignKey: inviteeId});

// given an Issue id, include all Invites + invited Groups (inviteeId) - But how?
var query = {
    where: {id: ...}, 
    include: ???
Issue.find(query).complete(function(err, issue) {
    var invites = issue.invites;
    var firstInvitedGroup = issue.invites[0].group;
    // ...

Is this at all possible? What are possible work-arounds? Thank you!


Sequelize Docs: Nested Eager Loading


    include: [
            model: Invite,
            include: [Group]

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