Given I have a function like:

func getTotalMemory() string {
  out,_ := exec.Command("grep", "MemTotal", "/proc/meminfo").Output()
  t := strings.Split(string(out), ":")
  x := strings.TrimSpace(t[1])
  return x

How can I write a test for that function to make sure I'm parsing it properly? In ruby I would just do something like


I'm currently using GoConvey if that has any impact on answers.


  • On a side note, why can't you just read that file using Go itself, scan its lines looking for the one starting with MemTotal and then parse out the rest? Calling out to grep for getting such information is overkill. See also github.com/jandre/procfs
    – kostix
    Jun 18 '14 at 15:03
  • @kostix this was just an example I had in some code I had written - you're correct that I should just use go but there are other commands/functions and I thought this was the simplest one to show.
    – Josh
    Jun 18 '14 at 17:40

You could start by looking at the test policy for os.exec package:
see "src/pkg/os/exec/exec_test.go".

Note: GoConvey is compatible with standard Go testing framework, so that won't have any bearing on the kind of test you want to do.

  • 1
    I don't see anything in the os.exec test package that explains how I can 'mock' the output of these functions so I can test my output parsing unless I'm not understanding something.
    – Josh
    Jun 18 '14 at 13:44
  • @Josh Lin 25: helperCommand: that will run (on go test) the function TestHelperProcess() which mocks the commands.
    – VonC
    Jun 18 '14 at 13:45

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