TButton in Delphi XE2 has a Style property. When this property is set to bsSplitButton then a drop-down arrow is displayed on the right side of the button:

enter image description here

However, this drop-down area has some inconveniences:

  1. In many cases it is too narrow, the static width of the drop-down area is only 11 pixels.

  2. There is no explicit hover indication just for the drop-down area when the mouse pointer hovers over the drop-down area.

How can a descendant of TButton be implemented which repairs this inconveniences? The descendant should have a DropDownWidth property and a property which handles and changes the drop-down display when the mouse hovers over the drop-down area.

  • How can it be implemented? Well, fire up the editor and write the code. You really need to ask a more specific question if you want specific help. Jun 23, 2014 at 14:51

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Your descendant must call Button_SplitInfo (or send BCM_SETSPLITINFO) to adjust the split width. Below is a run-time example usage, you can integrate similar functionality in your descendant:

procedure SetButtonSplitWidth(Button: TButton; Width: Integer);
  Info: TButtonSplitinfo;
  if Button.Style = bsSplitButton then begin
    Info.mask := BCSIF_SIZE;
    Info.size.cx := Width;
    Info.size.cy := 0;
    Button_SetSplitInfo(Button.Handle, Info);

Sample result with the call

SetButtonSplitWidth(Button2, 25);

is like this:

enter image description here

See documentation for what else you can do. There's no functionality that modifies the hovering behavior for a native button control. For that, you would probably better not start from a TButton.

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