I can't seem to find a Label control in Silverlight. I get compile errors if I put anywhere in my XAML.

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TextBlock is roughly the same as a Label from WinForms.

As per MSDN:

The TextBlock control is the primary element for displaying text in Silverlight based applications.

Provides a lightweight control for displaying small amounts of text...

EDIT: I just noticed your tag for Silverlight 3. Label should be built into Silverlight 3 so are you sure your not using 2?

You might want to consider a TextBlock depending on how your using it. Again per MSDN:

A Label control displays a caption, required field indicator, and validation error indicator to the user. It is typically used together with an input control, such as a TextBox. If you do not need to display required field or validation indicators, you can use the TextBlock control instead.

Try this article. Apparently, you need to install the Silverlight Toolkit.

Just use the TextBlock...?


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