I'm using @NamedEntityGraph annotation to load a graph from database.

    name = "Firma.uredjivanje",
    attributeNodes = {
            @NamedAttributeNode(value="prevodi", subgraph = "prevodi")
    subgraphs = {
                    name = "prevodi",
                    attributeNodes = {
                            @NamedAttributeNode(value = "jezik", subgraph = "jezik")

In the Spring Data JPA repository, I'm using annotation:

@EntityGraph(value="Firma.uredjivanje", type = EntityGraph.EntityGraphType.LOAD)
List<Firma> getByAktivna(boolean aktivna);

Everything works as expected, expect that all relations are joined, and I get duplicate Firma entities (because of JOIN). Instead of a List with entity id's {1,2,3}, I get {1,1,1,2,2,3}.

What is the best way to get distinct entities (if this is not a bug ofcourse).


Found the answer... Since NamedEntityGraph does JOIN in database, it selects all entities without DISTINCT. So the solution is to use Distinct in method name...

@EntityGraph(value="Firma.uredjivanje", type = EntityGraph.EntityGraphType.LOAD)
List<Firma> getDistinctByAktivna(boolean aktivna);
  • Dear Sir, you saved my day! Thank you very much for hinting out the "Distinct" KeyWord for method queries! – muri Sep 1 '16 at 7:53

After adding dictinct I have error logs during server starup (maybe because there is no such thing as findDistinctAll() .

For me help a hint in https://jira.spring.io/browse/DATAJPA-680.

I added @Query annotation to the method, so my method looks like below

@EntityGraph(value = "User.detail", type = EntityGraph.EntityGraphType.LOAD)
@Query(value = "SELECT DISTINCT u FROM User u")
List<User> findAll();
  • Don't forget the @QueryHints(value = { @QueryHint(name = HINT_PASS_DISTINCT_THROUGH, value = "false")}) to not send the distinct into the SQL – Ser Aug 14 at 9:21

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