I have a select tag as follows:

<select ng-change="doSomething()" ng-model="myModel"> </select>

and I'm using a jQueryUI control for it (combobox), the event "change" triggered from jQuery doesn't trigger doSomething().

Do you know how to trigger ng-change from outside angular?


The question is not how to run some code, but rather how to trigger the change event. I found an angular-friendly way to do this. I have a jQuery UI slider that changes the value of another input which has the ng-change on it. The secret is that once you turn it into an angular.element you now have access to a method called triggerHandler. From what I've seen, using this would not be considered bad practice:


tymeJV's answer did angular.element("#test") directly without using jQuery, but I got a console error and broken functionality that way. This version works without any dependencies.

  • This is exactly what I needed when a jQuery .trigger('change') didn't work. Thanks!
    – alex
    Dec 28 '16 at 11:27
  • This is exactly what I was looking for. THis allows you to trigger the ng-change method on the element pragmatically through javascript. Very useful when you have a custom directive that handles your input and you need to trigger the change function when the input vale changes.
    – Xenology
    Jan 29 '18 at 8:56
  • Thanks a lot, helped me as well!
    – Joe Berg
    Jan 9 '20 at 16:36

Ugh - this is terrible practice - but you can use angular.element and get the scope from an element that resides within the target controller.


<div ng-controller="myApp">
    <span id="test"></span>


var scope = angular.element("#test").scope();

Your scope variable now has access to all the methods defined on the myApp controller.

  • 1
    If this is terrible practice, then what to do with input elements that are populated with a default value on the server?
    – Lawyerson
    May 19 '16 at 15:40
  • @BauceLawyerson -- Don't populate the input value attribute - instead parse the server value via Angular and assign it to the correct ngModel variable.
    – tymeJV
    May 19 '16 at 15:51
  • 1
    This works only in debug mode. angular.element("#id").scope() is not available when in release mode. see the section about "Retrieving Scopes from the DOM". link
    – Cesar
    Aug 10 '17 at 13:56

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