How do I generate an enumerated list of all tags (e.g., :tag:) in an org-mode file? Say I have a list of the form:

* Head1        :foo:bar:
** Subhead1    :foo:
* Head2
** Subhead2    :foo:bar:

I want to generate a list of all tags in this file as well as how many times each tag was used. Say something like,

:foo:    3
:bar:    2  

Here is a shorter version.

(defun get-tag-counts ()
  (let ((all-tags '()))
     (lambda ()
       (let ((tag-string (car (last (org-heading-components)))))
     (when tag-string   
       (setq all-tags
         (append all-tags (split-string tag-string ":" t)))))))

    ;; now get counts
    (loop for tag in (-uniq all-tags) 
      collect (cons tag (cl-count tag all-tags :test 'string=)))))

Here is an approach.

(setq my-hash (make-hash-table :test 'equal))

 (lambda ()
   (let ((tag-string (car (last (org-heading-components))))
     (when tag-string   
       (dolist (tag (split-string tag-string ":" t))

      (setq current-count (gethash tag my-hash))
     (if current-count;
         (puthash tag (+ 1 current-count)  my-hash)
       (puthash tag 1 my-hash))

(require 'ht)
 (lambda (key value)
   (list key value))

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