The awk output looks like:

awk '{print $2}'

I want to dispay the output of awk in the same line with space as separator instead of new line

awk [option] '{print $2}'
toto titi tata

Is it possible to do that?

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From the manpage:

ORS         The output record separator, by default a newline.


awk 'BEGIN { ORS=" " }; { print $2 }' file
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    I would have written it like this awk '{print $2}' ORS=" " file, but this is more of choice of what you like. – Jotne Jun 20 '14 at 17:27

You can always use printf to control the output of awk

awk '{printf "%s ",$2}' file
toto titi tata 

OR you can use paste

awk '{print $2}' FILE |paste -sd " "

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