It is possible to distribute a packaged app via Firefox Marketplace for installation on Firefox for Desktop. Apps for Firefox OS devices I can test comfortably via about:app-manager either on a USB connected device, or with the simulator.

How can I test a packaged app on Firefox for Desktop?

Annotated screenshot showing distribution options


I found that I can debug an app that I have installed from Marketplace by starting it with the -debug option and an optional port number:

 C:\Users\Felix\AppData\Roaming\thetacontrol-56cab87ea3eecf190668cfb505f92c56>"Theta Control.exe" -debug 6000

The next step is to connect to the port from Firefox developer tools:

Annotated screenshot showing connection via menu

Still I don't know how to debug an app that is not (yet) on Marketplace.

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Didn't found the way to debug privileged app either, so I've created bug on bugzilla, vote, please to solve this issue faster: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1038533


You can refer to debugging guideline of web apps for Friefox desktop.

To access the console (and other remote developer tools), start the app from a command line with the -debug flag and optionally specifying a port (default: 6000). For example, on a Mac the Mykzilla test app is started with:

/Applications/Mykzilla.app/Contents/MacOS/webapprt -debug 6000

Then, in Firefox, on the Developer Tools menu click Connect… and connect to the “localhost” host at the port you specified. After clicking Connect in Firefox, go back to your app and confirm the connection. Then return to Firefox and select a “tab” (i.e. an open window in your app) or “Main Process” to debug the Web Runtime’s chrome code.

Then a copy of Firefox’s Remote Developer Tools should open in a new window, and it should be connected to the “tab” you selected.

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    Thanks @Channy. I already mentioned in my question that I found how to debug an app installed from Firefox Marketplace. For testing, however, I also need to know: How do I create the desktop app (.exe on Windows) without first uploading it to Marketplace?
    – feklee
    Jul 11, 2014 at 7:07

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