I am using Payflow pro for recurring payment using the below code, as per my knowledge this code return profileid.

Do I need to store this profile id in a database so that user can cancel the subscription in the future.

please do reply with your useful comments .

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PayPalRequest = "TRXTYPE=R" + "&TENDER=C" //C - Credit card + "&ACTION=A" + "&OPTIONALTRX=A" + "&TERM=0" //0 - recuring never stops + "&COMMENT1=Advertisement package subscription (Recurring)" + "&PROFILENAME=" + viewModel.PackageName + "-" + UserID + "&USER=" + AppProperties.PayPalFlowUser + "&VENDOR=" + AppProperties.PayPalFlowVendor + "&PARTNER=" + AppProperties.PayPalFlowPartner + "&PWD=" + AppProperties.PayPalFlowPassword + "&AMT=" + viewModel.PayAmount + "&CURRENCY=" + AppProperties.CurrencyId + "&ACCT=" + viewModel.CardNumber //card number + "&EXPDATE=" + viewModel.ExpirationMonth + viewModel.ExpirationYear.Substring(2, 2) + "&START=" + DateTime.Now.Date.ToString(AppConstants.ddMMyyyy) + "&PAYPERIOD=" + GetPayFlowPeriodVariables(viewModel);

PayflowNETAPI PayflowNETAPI = new PayflowNETAPI();

string PayPalResponse = PayflowNETAPI.SubmitTransaction(PayPalRequest,PayflowUtility.RequestId);


Yes, I would store the profile ID in your database along with the order/customer info so you can always lookup details about it in the future or update the status accordingly.

The following API's could be used to manage profiles using their ID.

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