I'm building a pacman style maze game. I can apply impulse and limit it to whatever vertical or horizontal direction as desired on the hero.

However, when I add physics body sprites for walls, it gets weird. I have set the hero physics body and the walls to have no bounce.

Running head on into a wall it stops dead like expected. But if I then change direction and move along the wall I veer off at a slight angle from the wall. Any ideas what causes this and how to avoid it? I want to only move in vertical and horizontal straight lines.

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    How important to you is using physics for the movement, rather than just moving the hero node? – webbcode Jun 23 '14 at 18:02
  • I get what you're saying but I need it to move in one direction until pointed another direction or hitting a wall and stopping. – uchuugaka Jun 23 '14 at 22:43

Ok so the solution here is slightly counter intuitive. Rather than using applyForce: or applyImpulse: family of methods on the physicsBody, use runAction:forKey: on the sprite itself. For any change in direction, removeAction:forKey: just before calling runAction:forKey: to keep things orthogonal. (Otherwise there will be a brief angular movement )

The other trick here is to find an appropriate speed for distance. Too fast and it will fly through walls. (Bug?) Then apply the speed and distance with a multiplier based on the size of your scene. The total distance should be something greater than possible in any direction. That keeps the thing moving until it hits a wall or you tell it to move in a different direction.

This works really well.

Using the physics body movement, it seems best suited to a platformer situation where you have a gravity.

In a top down view, there isn't normally gravity. ( though it is imaginable that you could want something that exerts gravity on a sprite to suck it in)

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