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I have a windows service which is calling internally WCF service which is connecting to Webshphere MQ.

I have two threads in my code ,one for sending messages to the queue and other one for receiving messages from queue.

The problem is whenever I am installing the windows service a MQ log (AMQ3780.0.FDC) in which I am not writing is getting created and keep on increasing. I am not sure what is causing the issue,If I debug the code using Test Classes I am able to send the messages and receive the messages.

Please help me to understand this issue.

Regards, Ishan Trikha

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What is the probeid and callstack + comments of the fdc? – JasonE Jun 23 '14 at 19:41
Probe Id:- DN729001 and contents of the file says some connection error.When I am trying to comment my second thread (receiver) then log doen't get generated. – Ishan Trikha Jun 23 '14 at 20:18
An FDC is indications the underlying code has an issue which needs investigation, and could definitely account for problems. Its difficult to work with limited info - Can you paste in the comment1 field (or ideally as much of the top box and first section [not the trace history] of the fdc, editing out anything private). There are known causes, eg , but without more info its hard to guess. What version + fixpack are you running (client and server)? – JasonE Jun 24 '14 at 0:12
MQM Function Stack ManagedNmqiMQ.MQCONNX(String,MQConnectOptions,Phconn,out int,out int) ManagedNmqiMQ.DoConn(String,MQConnectOptions,out MQHCONN,out MQLONG,out MQLONG) MQFAP.MakeConnection(String,MQConnectOptions,out MQLONG,out MQLONG,out MQHCONN) MQFAPConnection.InitialFlows(MQConnectOptions,Boolean,ref int,ref int) MQFAPConnection.SendConnAuth(MQConnectOptions,out MQLONG,out MQLONG) MQTSH.Initialize(MQLONG,MQBYTE,MQBYTE,MQUSHORT) xcsFFST..Version I am using is 7.0. – Ishan Trikha Jun 24 '14 at 2:18
What's interesting was I install the same service on my local pointing to MQ in development server and know MQ log is not getting increased(generated itself)not sure what is happening and code is working as required. – Ishan Trikha Jun 24 '14 at 18:47

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