I've read many question asking if there is support for cookies in cordova/phone gap, like the following

By a search with google I can't find out the documentation of cordova where it states if there is no support for cookies. Where should I look about it? one of the most significative link is this one Handling cookies in PhoneGap/Cordova in which we can read "

  • In JavaScript cookies can be set with document.cookie = ..., but they are not saved in PhoneGap and lost. Before firing xhr requests it works.
  • Cookies can be retrieved after xhr request with xhr.getResponseHeader('Set-Cookie'). But only when actually set on the server. Unfortunately, jQuery strips the "Cookie" header."

I don't want to know how to store such information, I understood and used local storage just for a test in my application but I want to understand if the support for cookies is stated to be provided or not in the official documentation of cordova since it seems I can not find it..

any clue is really appreciated.. thanks..

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In the official documentation cookie support was never stated. Their reference in the Cordova JIRA item CB-8026 that in Android third-party cookies are enabled.

Currently there is work in the Cordova team (as of May 2015) to clarify that point in the documentation

  • unfortunately it was never stated either to be supported either to be not supported. It's to wide to say support was never stated.. This is anyhow a good point of start, since we are talking about a cross-platform tool there should be a general statement for all the supported platform that allow users to understand if it is still the case to trust cookie usage or not.. anyhow +1
    – LMG
    Commented May 8, 2015 at 19:41
  • The currently work to clarify that exists in Cordova team. Update my answer.
    – codevision
    Commented May 11, 2015 at 9:34

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