I have mobile and rails application. I wrote synchronization between both apps. On server app I have API. Mobile app send request I process all data and respond to mobile. My problem is that many times I have situations that user want to synchronize a lot of data and this process spend more. In these situations I exceed http response timeout and I got http errors. Best solution for me is to put whole synchronization algorithm to separate ruby worker. But in this case how to respond to mobile application. I would like to avoid that mobile will "bomb" server by requests like "Is synchronization over?". How to response with processed data? What is the best solution? Thanks for all answers


I decided to use push notifications to inform mobile app that synchronization is over. Then mobile can send request http to the server.

  • You can use MQTT to sync data for many different systems. They will not depend on the language (C #, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT ...). It will give you the best performance. Your Data will real-time. – VuNT Nov 6 '18 at 1:41
  1. if possible, reduce sync payloads by syncing more often.

  2. "bombing the server" is called short-polling and it's a valid, easy-to-implement approach (these requests should be quick, anyway)

  3. More efficient (though more involved and complicated) approach is called "long polling". It usually involves some kind of a socket server.

This link might be useful: Short-polling vs. long-polling in web applications.

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