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I am trying to use concerns in RoR. Right now I just have a very simple concern writen

module Foo
  extend ActiveSupport::Concern

  def somethingfoo
    puts "Ayyyy! Foo"

When I try and use this concern in my controller I get a undefined method error

class FooController < ApplicationController

  include Foo

  def show
    Foo.somethingfoo # undefined method 'somethingfoo' for Foo:Module
    render plain: "Ohh no, It doesnt even show me because of the error above me"

To my knowledge somethingfoo should be called but it is not. I have also tried defining somethingfoo in a included do ... end block in the concern but this does not work either.

Is there something I am missing? Can concerns not be used like this with controllers?

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If you include modules (extended by ActiveSupport::Concern or not), the methods of that module become instance methods of the including class/module.

Your Controller method should hence read

def show
  render plain: "Yeah, I'm shown!"

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