I'm looking for help regarding how to edit an object's style in a separate CSS file via JS. For example, if I have an object that I style with #objectid {left: 0%;} in my CSS file, how would I go about changing that left property via JavaScript? I'm aware you can do object.style.property but that hasn't been working for me as of late. What's the most efficient/easy method of doing this? Thanks in advance.

  • Using JS on the browser to change a style won't modify the CSS directives contained in the CSS file on the server. The JS will only modify the style shown in the running browser. You know that, right? – Paul Jun 24 '14 at 21:17

The standard way:

document.getElementById('objectid').style.left = "10%";

But if you're worried about efficiency, try not to modify any styles directly using JS... try adding/removing classes instead.


You have to get the element in the DOM

with pure javascript:

document.getElementById('objectid').style.left = '20%'

With jQuery

$('#objectid').css('left', '20%');
$('#objectid').css({'left': '20%'});

This is correct:


But I believe you need to set the position before it can work, e.g.:


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