I am trying to retrieve the site collections list from a SharePoint Online domain.

I am using C# and client object model.

The following code returns only 300 site collections.

var tenant = new Tenant(ctx);
spp = tenant.GetSiteProperties(0, true);

Any idea on how to retrieve ALL site collections with CSOM ?



I found the answer to this question,

the first parameter of the method GetSiteProperties is the index from which site collection retrieval starts.

I tried the the following command spp = tenant.GetSiteProperties(300, true);

which returned site collections from index 300.

So here is my code to get all site collections from sharepoint online

SPOSitePropertiesEnumerable spp = null;
var tenant = new Tenant(ctx);
int startIndex = 0;

while (spp == null || spp.Count > 0)
    spp = tenant.GetSiteProperties(startIndex, true);

    foreach (SiteProperties sp in spp)
    siteCols.Add(new SiteCol(sp.Title, sp.Url));

    startIndex += spp.Count;

By the way, site collections are currently limited to 10000.

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    I think a small improvement might be to do: startIndex += spp.Count, instead of the collection you are adding to. – Mikael Svenson Sep 3 '14 at 13:46
  • Thanks Mikael, I made the modification – Sylvain Gantois Nov 17 '15 at 0:34
  • A word of warning: If you use GetSitePropertiesByFilter instead of GetSiteProperties this might not work as expected. – rlv-dan Mar 29 '17 at 9:10

I guess NextStartIndex didn't exist at the time this was asked, nowadays you can do:

SPOSitePropertiesEnumerable sites;
List<string> allSites = new List<string>();
int startIndex = 0;

    sites = tenant.GetSiteProperties(startIndex, false);

    allSites.AddRange(sites.Select(s => s.Url));

    startIndex = sites.NextStartIndex;

} while (sites.NextStartIndex > 0);

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