I used Fire.app before but they haven't updated for a long time. Then I turn to Compass 1.0.0alpha, Sass 3.3, and Susy 2.1.2 I installed via gem:

compass (1.0.0.alpha.19) compass-core (1.0.0.alpha.19) compass-import-once (1.0.4) sass (3.3.8) susy (2.1.2)

While creating a new project using susy: compass create --using susy, an error reads:

error sass/style.scss (Line 4 of sass/_grids.scss: File to import not found or unreadable: susy.
Load paths:

Many articles say a 1.0alpha version of compass will do, but it appears not. How do I solve the problem? Thanks!


I don't know where SpriteImporter figures in your website. However, I would suggest installing Bundler, creating a Gemfile to include at least these two:

gem "susy", "~>2.1.0"
gem "sass", "~>3.3.0"

Then let Bundle install all the gems required. In case you aren't aware, this will be done inside Terminal on mac. The Bundler website explains all.


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