Does anyone know of a good way to write an iOS 8 share extension without the MainInterface.storyboard that comes with the template?

When I delete the file or remove the NSExtensionMainStoryboard from Info.plist, the extension stops working (nothing happens when you tap on the button in the share pane). We tried replacing NSExtensionMainStoryboard with NSExtensionPrincipalClass which also didn't work.

Any ideas?

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Figured it out!

Turns out there's a weird module naming thing going on in Swift, so you can fix it by adding an @objc name to the class:


class PrincipalClassName: UIViewController {

and then set the NSExtensionPrincipalClass key to PrincipalClassName.

  • and in Objective c ? – nr5 Sep 8 '15 at 10:45
  • Hey! Thanks, can you specify the source of where you found this? – Akshansh Thakur Jul 7 '16 at 17:19
  • When using Swift, you need to specify 'NotificationContent.NotificationContentViewController` in your Info.plist's NSExtensionPrincipalClass key's value field. In here, NotificationContent is module name, and NotificationContentViewController is the only view controller class. – DawnSong Nov 8 at 7:30

Found the answers from these answers combined Answer 1 and Answer 2.

For Objective-C you will have to put the following in the info.plist of the App extension: NSExtensionPrincipalClass and make sure that it is under NSExtension Dict

So full answer should be like this , in my case ActionViewController is the App extension viewController

enter image description here

Can't add a comment but it is no longer NSPrincipalClass rather it is NSExtensionPrincipalClass

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