I want to create instances in Openstack that will have Docker in them already installed prior to ssh to them. So naturally I got interested in Cloud-init technology because it allows us to install packages on virtual machines during first boot time. So now I'm trying to install Docker on my instances during boot time, here is my code that I'm passing to the user data;


   - docker.io

This doesn't work obviously, so how can I make it work?

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    What operating system are you using for your OpenStack instance? – Everett Toews Jun 26 '14 at 0:08

There's a docker script which can be #include'd that's very handy for docker. Instead of #cloud-config, use

#include https://get.docker.com

Ricardo's solution is great if you only need to add docker to the deployed instance. But, in cases where you still DO need a #cloud-config (to customize other stuff, like pre-installed packages), here is a simple solution inspired by his answer, just add this command:

# ... more config here

  - curl -fsSL https://get.docker.com -o get-docker.sh; sh get-docker.sh

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