This is my current setup for Play 2.2.x requireJS. Will it continue to work after 2.3? I can't find requireJs or requireJsShim anywhere in the 2.3 documentation.

  requireJs ++= Seq("mainAccount.js", "mainOrg.js", "mainPublic.js"), // This tells Play to optimize this file and its dependencies
  requireJsShim += "build.js", // This tells Play to read the RequireJS "shim" configuration from build.js
  requireJsFolder := "js"

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  1. Instead of requireJs use:

    RjsKeys.modules := Seq(
        WebJs.JS.Object("name" -> "mainAccount"),
        WebJs.JS.Object("name" -> "mainOrg"),
        WebJs.JS.Object("name" -> "mainPublic")
  2. Instead of requireJsShim use RjsKeys.mainConfig := "build"

  3. I think you can just omit requireJsFolder as baseUrl is considered to be either js or javascripts by default. See here: https://github.com/sbt/sbt-rjs/blob/master/src/main/scala/com/typesafe/sbt/rjs/SbtRjs.scala#L104 If you want to change to something else, then use RjsKeys.baseUrl := "your-js-dir-name"

Also there is a github project using RequireJS that was migrated to Play 2.3, may be useful as well: https://github.com/mariussoutier/play-angular-require-seed

For more details check sbt-rjs plugin docs: https://github.com/sbt/sbt-rjs

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