Can anyone tell why PIL can't open this PNG file?


I get IOError: cannot identify image file, and by looking at the code, it seems it tries PIL.PngImagePlugin.PngImageFile and corresponding "accept" function, and it returns False

I'm using version 1.1.6


I don't know what the problem is with PIL 1.1.6 but I just tested it with the latest Pillow 2.4.0 and this worked:

>>> from PIL import Image
>>> im = Image.open("8.png")
>>> im.show()

PIL in unmaintained and Pillow is an actively maintained and developed fork. To use Pillow, first uninstall PIL, then install Pillow.

Further installation instructions here: http://pillow.readthedocs.org/en/latest/installation.html

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  • uninstall PIL, then install PIL: Do you mean install Pillow? – bozdoz Jul 16 '14 at 22:36
  • I'm on the hunt for a solution to the same problem. So far Pillow's not helping. Thankful for the suggestion though. – bozdoz Jul 16 '14 at 22:53

try to import cv2

>>> from PIL import Image
>>> import cv2
>>> im = cv2.imread("8.png")
>>> im = cv2.imwrite("8.png")

i hope its working...

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