I'm pretty new to Scala and sbt and I get the message below every time I run sbt. The message itself pretty much makes sense but I can't figure out what to do to fix it.

I think I'd like to move my configuration to the place where it's expected to be but not sure if that will that mess things up. I cannot find any doc on how to change the sbt.global.base system property.

The global sbt directory is now versioned and is located at /Users/justinhj/.sbt/0.13. You are seeing this warning because there is global configuration in /Users/justinhj/.sbt but not in /Users/justinhj/.sbt/0.13. The global sbt directory may be changed via the sbt.global.base system property.


You should move everything that is in /Users/justinhj/.sbt to a new folder /Users/justinhj/.sbt/0.13 (mind the 0.13 subdirectory). That is the new sbt 0.13 folder naming scheme.

If you don't want to change your global config folder you can invoke sbt with modified global base parameter sbt.global.base as follows:

sbt -Dsbt.global.base=/Users/justinhj/.sbt

Take a look at this document for more explanations: http://www.scala-sbt.org/release/docs/Command-Line-Reference.html


The easiest way to get rid of this error is to remove the .sbt directory in your Home Folder. When you run sbt again, the new folder is created in the correct format and the error goes away.

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