I am starting to use Jenkins, which is a really great tool. We are using parameterized build, we define parameter such as branch name ${Branch} (e.g. dev, release, main etc).

In the build config, I can add a windows batch command, is there a way I can pass down these parameters to the batch command?

I tried to pass like "%${Branch}%" or "%Branch%", but seems not working.

Can anyone help?

Many Thanks

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    What this have to do with TFS? Jun 26, 2014 at 12:10
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Using Parameterized Build, you need to define parameters. The value of these will be prompted to you when you click "Build" link.

The name of the parameters should be a plain name, preferably without spaces, like Branch. Do not add any ${} or %% to definition of the parameter name.

In the build steps, like Execute Windows Batch Command, you can reference the parameter with regular batch syntax, like %Branch%.

If you would be on a *nix machine, you would use Execute shell build step and reference the parameter with regular bash syntax, like ${Branch}

Note that even when running on Windows, a lot of Jenkins plugins themselves take the parameters in *nix syntax, however the Execute Windows Batch Command will be batch-like, i.e. %Branch%.

So, you can try typing:
echo %Branch%

I also suggest putting just set command on a line by itself, and it will show you all environment variables available to you during the build process, which is quite useful.

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    @UnderDog you can override the parameter, but the next build step ("outside of windows batch command") starts off with a clean environment inherited from the job, therefore your modifications are lost. This is by design to keep the build system clean. You can use EnvInject plugin for all sorts of environment variable manipulation, including what you need.
    – Slav
    Oct 1, 2015 at 18:27
  • Thnks.. Really help me.
    – LivCool
    May 11, 2016 at 8:04
  • I was looking to run the cypress tests in Jenkins using choice parameters. Using the above the solution I did this: npm run %scripts%. where "scripts" is the name of choice parameter.
    – Amit
    Jul 20, 2021 at 11:23

I do not really get exactly what you mean branches because I am a bit new, but this worked for me if you are talking about how to do like yourcmd -a and have it run different code then the original and -b. In the dir, create two files with your parameter names eg -a.bat -b.bat You do not need to write any code in those. In the code for your command eg createfolder.bat Write

@echo off
if %~n1 == -a goto :aran
if %~n1 == -b goto :bran
Your first parameter code
Your 2nd parameter code

Hope it helped! You can even add up to 50 parameters!

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