department {
               "_id": "1", 
               "department": "Computers",
               "type": "Department", 
               "room_no": "102", 
               "HOD": "Mr. G Rahul",
               "floor": "1st Floor" 

student {
             "_id": "fdf370e2f43d4af1b505b8913502a5e4",
             "_rev": "1-16df9a4cd45ca69009ab6c9767425a8e",
             "student Name": "H Ravi",
             "date_of_birth": "March 1, 1993",
             "roll_no": "55",
             "inter_marks": "820",
             "secondary_marks": "420"
             "department_id": "1",
             "type": "student"

Map Function

function(doc) {
              var id,department,student,hod,dob;
              if(doc.type == 'student') {
                      id = doc.department_id;
                      dob = new Date(doc.date_of_birth)
                  student = doc;    
       emit(dob, {'_id': id,"student_doc": student});

After writing map function we call view by using URL "//localhost:5984/db_name/_design/design_name/_view/view_name". In that URL we will append ?include_docs=true after "view_name"("//localhost:5984/db_name/_design/design_name/_view/view_name/?include_docs=true") to get the docs of by using _id in emit, example: emit(dob,{"_id": id}) it will return the docs of linked id...My question is how can we access that docs in reduce function.


You can’t, the docs are fetched on query time, not on indexing time, so the reduce function never gets to see that data. Sorry!

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