I have the following django Dictionary --

titles_to_update = Title.objects.exclude(

# {'hd_price_tier': 101, 'sd_price_tier': 2, 'apple_id': 270201401L, 
   'promotion_start_date': datetime.date(2014, 6, 27), 'id': 25332L, 
   'promotion_end_date': datetime.date(2014, 6, 30)}...]

return HttpResponse(simplejson.dumps(titles_to_update))

This gives me the error:

[my object] is not JSON serializable

What do I need to do here to encode the dict in json?


Here is a simple function I wrote to convert the datetime objects into something that will work with simplejson:

def make_query_dict_jsonable(query_dict):
    list_of_objects = []
    for item in query_dict:
        data = {}
        for field_name in title.keys():
            data[field_name] = str(item[field_name])

    return list_of_objects

Out of the box, the simplejson encoder only supports some simple python objects:

Python              JSON
dict, namedtuple -> object
list, tuple      -> array 
str, unicode     -> string
int, long, float -> number
True             -> true
False            -> false
None             -> null

It's possible to pass a function to json.dumps() as the default argument in order to handle other objects:

>>> import simplejson as json
>>> def encode_complex(obj):
...     if isinstance(obj, complex):
...         return [obj.real, obj.imag]
...     raise TypeError(repr(o) + " is not JSON serializable")
>>> json.dumps(2 + 1j, default=encode_complex)
'[2.0, 1.0]'
>>> json.JSONEncoder(default=encode_complex).encode(2 + 1j)
'[2.0, 1.0]'
>>> ''.join(json.JSONEncoder(default=encode_complex).iterencode(2 + 1j))
'[2.0, 1.0]'

But in your case, Django already provides tools to help you serialize its objects, so using those is probably the recommended approach.

from django.core import serializers
as_json = serializers.serialize("json", titles_to_update)
return HTTPResponse(as_json, content_type="application/json")

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