I have a Phalcon controller that builds a query to run against a model using bound parameters. One of those parameters can be a varying number of integers in a statement like:

table.column IN(:bound:)

I've tried setting the bindType of said parameter to different bind types, but whenever I have a comma-delimited list of options:

$bind = '1234,2345,3456,4567'

It gets bound as a string in the query. This problem does not occur when the parameter is a single number. I have taken to testing whether the input is a single integer or a delimited string, and inserting the values manually if it is, but that seems inelegant. Is there a way to have the Phalcon or the database send the raw value? The parameters come from a session variable, so they are trusted values, but I escape them anyway.


  • I do not think phalcon supports this semantic (like Zend does). You need to do that "manually". – colburton Jun 27 '14 at 14:51

Why not use the Query builder?

For example from within your controller/action:

$bind = '1234,2345,3456,4567';    
$resultset = $this->modelsManager->createBuilder()
               ->inWhere('column', explode(',', $bind))

More in de documentation for the query builder.

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